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Flowers on Norton St Loyalty Customer Program.  Become a member with your favourite florist.

The Flowers on Norton St Loyalty Customer Program rewards your continuous support. This program is designed with respect for our valued retail customers. Every dollar spent in store or online is accumulated, when you reach $1000 we reward you with a $100 gift voucher. So the more you shop the more you receive. There are no expiry dates. You will be surprised how many gift vouchers you receive over time. Our Member Program is for personal shopping only.

At Flowers on Norton St we value our client’s personal preferences, we appreciate your continued support and we like to offer unique services to you. Our aim is to enhance your shopping experience by highlighting a focus on customer service.

How to register

Simply fill out this link or next time you are in store you can register in person. You can also call Flowers on Norton St on 9550 9897 to speak with one of our staff.


If you have any questions Penny is only a phone call away on 9550 9897 or alternatively email penny.clarke@flowersonnortonst.com.au. All services are optional so select and complete the fields that best suit your needs.


We value most of all people’s privacy. We have added an extra two levels of security on our system and can ensure the personal information you provide is only used to be of better service to you.  Your client code will be your registered phone number with us. At any time you can modify your details with Penny.


Drive Buy Service


Flowers on Norton St is solving the parking problem.


When parking is a pain, we can offer a solution. Register for the drive by service - simply register your car, phone or order on line, drive buy, toot and we will deliver the flowers to your car. Drive Buy is the perfect service for parents or carers of children in the car, husbands rushing home who want to surprise their wife or those of us whose time is precious! Just remember to order first and allow us 15 minutes to make it, so we don’t to keep you waiting.


Flowers on Norton st – e-news


E -news is a one page, easy to read and keeps you informed.

What’s news?

What’s on sale?

What’s in season?

It’s informative, promotional and includes market news - what’s in season and best buys. Distributed monthly.

Buy A Bunch

Affordable flowers beautifully gift wrapped.

Designed for the regular giver/buyer wishing for a nice bunch beautifully wrapped, not too fancy with an affordable price tag. Buy a Bunch was designed by Penny to feature market specials at an affordable price $15/$20/$25/$30. So if you can’t find a park or running a little late use our drive buy service. It is so easy and convenient. Buy a Bunch is available at the front of the store daily and every month we offer a different selection.

Register for our online Buy a Bunch newsletter - it is a monthly one page flyer showing the market seasonal specials for the month featuring four different types of flowers at four set price points. The Buy a Bunch newsletter is emailed monthly. By using this service during the month you will automatically register to receive next month’s issue.


Yes we are on Facebook! - For those who love it! Love to see and love to follow, here it is! Follow us on face book for exciting updates and weekly photo posts, for privacy there will never be a reference more than location.