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Flowers on Norton St is proud to offer Buy a Bunch

When Penny was designing the website she realised a key point; that sometimes a simple bunch of beautiful flowers gift wrapped is all that is required for an affordable and elegant indulgence that gives a lot of pleasure to the buyer and receiver.

Experience Buy a Bunch, affordable indulgence by Flowers on Norton St. Buy a Bunch has four price points $15, $20, $25 and $30. Every month the seasonal selection is handpicked by Penny and brought to you direct from the grower.

It was designed with respect for the regular giver/buyer wanting a simple bunch of flowers beautifully gift-wrapped, not too fancy and not too small with an affordable price tag. Flowers are a fabulous treat of indulgence that brings joy to the beholder. Buy a Bunch is an affordable indulgence designed to bring joy, pleasure and happiness to your day and into your home or office.

Buy a Bunch is here so please take the time to register for our monthly Buy a Bunch specials. Register Here

Each month Buy a Bunch features the current month’s market and growers’ specials. Buy a Bunch is available online, in store and over the phone for delivery as a gift for a special occasion or to yourself at home.

Buy a Bunch is available in store and ready for immediate purchase. Our Drive Buy service is the perfect partner for Buy a Bunch. Inner city living does come with the pitfall of finding a place to park. Register for our drive buy service which allows you to order by phone, email or online – allow 15mins and then drive buy, toot and we will deliver the flowers to your car. Register for Drive Buy
  1. August Buy a Bunch Tulips

    August Buy a Bunch Tulips

    Product No. aug-bub-15

    Spring special 10 stems for $15. Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs. Always recut the stems and place in a vase. They are a hydroponic flower, they will continue to grow daily and will follow the light.
  2. August Buy a Bunch Cherry Blossom

    August Buy a Bunch Cherry Blossom

    Product No. aug-bub-20

    Only available for six weeks every year. Cherry blossoms are richly symbolic in Japanese culture. Every year the Japanese Meteorological Agency and the public track the cherry blossom front as it moves northward. One bunch is a vase full. Enjoy the beauty.
  3. August Buy a Bunch Oriental Lilies

    August Buy a Bunch Oriental Lilies

    Product No. aug-bub-30

    The Stargazer lily was given its name because the blooms face towards the sky. Known for its striking white and pink petals, and heavenly scent, this lily has become a favorite for many occasions. A fabulous long lasting flower. Be sure to remove the pollen.
  4. August Buy a Bunch Roses

    August Buy a Bunch Roses

    Product No. aug-bub-25

    Beautiful Pink Roses. This popular rose makes a beautiful gift. 10 stems with greenery.