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Welcome to Pret-a-Fleur

Pret-a-fleur flowers is a new and fashionable way of packaging and delivering flowers. It is portable, stylish and elegant.

The name Pret-a-fleur means flowers to go. Market fresh flowers, produced daily in designs that we can deliver directly to you the giver or straight to the recipient, making the art of giving flowers easy.

The flowers are arranged in a bouquet travelling in a vasette with water to ensure quality and longevity, packaged in our signature flower bag ready for giving, carrying home, or accompanying you to a dinner party or any special event.

Pret-a-fleur are all delivered with their own care instructions, a personalised card featuring the flowers names together with the message from the sender.

It is the perfect size for delivering decadence. There are four different styles in each colour palette.

To purchase pret-a-fleur:

  1. Select a colour
  2. Choose a design
  3. Proceed to the checkout
  4. If you would like to, add a gift
  5. Checkout

Choosing flowers by colour forms a personal association, as most people give what they like and enjoy. We trust that our pret-a-fleur brand stimulates your senses and amazes the beholder. Pret-a-fleur incorporates green in most designs for harmony, freshness and optimism.

Pret-a-fleur was designed by Penny Clarke, founder of the company Flowers in a Bag.